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United Kingdom

Known as the land of opportunities, the US is also acclaimed as pioneers in technological innovation and scientific exploration. Various life styles and cultures interleaved, as the most number of international mix of people live together in search of their dreams.

Only the best students from around the world are admitted to top schools in the US, considering that it has a reputation of commitment to excellence. Quality education is on offer from highly qualified and trained faculty who are experts in their fields.

American education system maintains equal importance and focus on theoretical learning and practical experimenting. Focusing on creating scholars who also possess leadership, analytical and strong communication skills the comprehensive coursework is organised so that students have the freedom to create their own curriculum and study what they love the most.

The flexible course structure covering a wide range of programmes and courses ensure that students receive high quality education. Opportunities for research and training are enhanced as most universities provide the best available equipment and resources to their students. This enables the students in US universities capable in achieving the best process information using the latest technology to carry out research. Students also obtain ample opportunities for hands on experience with leading research institutions and employers through the affiliations and tie-ups that the universities have.

Many universities offer student loans, grants and stipends primarily on the basis of merit that can sometimes even cover tuition fees apart from covering daily expenses.

Most universities offer its students grants, loans and stipends to cover their daily expenses as well as tuition in some cases. University assistant ship is provided on the basis of merit rather than financial need. If you can prove your excellence in academics, then your US education may even turn out to be free.

In the international job market, graduates from US universities are in great demand, which opens up a wide range of career opportunities all over the world.